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  It doesn't matter what your project is.
A feature film to a small promo video for your website. Every job gets the same attention regardless of the budget. A winning project, is a project from the
Film Injected team
  One thing we love at Film Injected is creating great rock videos. Yes it's still possible to create a video that doesn't look like somebody else's last video. A great video will help you get far and reach your dreams.   Our Mac based editing suite is loaded up with ll the latest industry software. Our editors are fully trained to help deliver the best product we can. Make your customers believe in you.

Some Services

Simplify is super elegant and Professional Responsive Theme which will create the business widely expressed.


  It doesn't matter what your project is. A feature film to a small promo video for your website. Every job gets the same attention regardless of the budget. A winning project, is a project from the Film Injected team   With film becoming obsolete, we can still give you that "film look" in any format coming from digital format. Technology is constantly changing and we are always up to date on what is out there to give you a product to be satisfied with.   We specialize in content delivery, we know how to give you the clearest picture in the smallest file. From Television, Film, Web, and mobile content. We also cater for DVD authoring.


If you want something different and want to stand out, you’ve come to the right place.

Film Injected© and it’s team consists of industry professionals who have worked around the world. Although we have been in the game for a while, that doesn’t mean our ideas are old and out dated. And while the new breed are busy thinking “outside the box”, we’re just busy getting the job done right…the first time. Your leader in Las Vegas Video Production.

Film Injected© may not be the cheapest or the most expensive production company around, but at least we’ll give you the facts straight. You’ll deal with the person creating your job, no middle men or account managers.

We have experience in productions for all industries, including automotive, corporate, cosmetic, FMCG, technology, music, fashion, media, and sport. A  product delivered by Film Injected© will enhance your company’s competitive edge. Our team consists of international talents, ensuring you get the best guidance possible in todays market place.

Choosing Film Injected as your video production company is a big decision. You’re not buying an off-the-shelf commodity. Nor are you looking for a technician. You’re entering into a long-term relationship with an expert to guide you and help achieve your goals. So you want to give yourself the best chance of choosing a video production partner that will be easy to work with and deliver exactly what you want.

Most production companies can focus on the wrong things:

They emphasise creativity and fancy equipment – rather than results. Of course, a creative, a professional-looking corporate video is important. But if it fails to solve a problem or drive action, you have wasted your company’s time and money. Film Injected focuses on result.

Film Injected© has over fifteen years of experience in working with medium to large corporates, Television Networks, and fortune 500 companies worldwide. We understand the responsibility placed on Marketing Departments, Communication Managers and Project Officers to select a video production company that can be relied on to understand your needs and deliver the right result.

Corporate Videos – that persuasively sell the benefits of your offering
Event videos – that capture your day with quality images and clear sound
Music videos – that successfully capture your audience
TV Commercials – that convince your visitors to act

Also we provide photography, Color Grading, 3D Animation, Car Photography, Motorcycle Photography, Product Photography, Film Distribution.


A dedicated team that focuses on your needs. "Don't follow the competition...BE THE COMPETITION".



From location scouting, script development, storyboarding, filming, video editing, visual effects and everything else in between we will make sure you are happy with all concepts and pre production before we perfom any task you require.

We understand the importance of having the right visualization for your task. Unlike many other studios we don't charge fees for all the changes that are required for a finished product. we have a ONE FEE policy. Whatever we charge you on our quotes is the price you pay at the end. PLEASE NOTE: we do have some limitations on this policy.

Just need us for certain elements of your project, we are happy to help with your needs, and can work with any other agency or studio.

At Film Injected, we love to get involved with your project from the early stages. Good planning and preparation is essential for producing a high quality final product. Developing concepts, producing creative treatments and storyboards help us to visualize your project.

Pull out the directors chair and clapper board. It's production time! We provide a wide range of services to suit a variety of projects, so let us know what you have in mind and we can work together to provide the look and feel to achieve your vision.
If you are interested in going for a cinematic look, even better! We can provide you with a number of options.

Now the planning and shooting is finished we are ready to move on to the post production suite where we provide video editing, 2D and 3D graphics and grading services to give your project the quality finishing touch it deserves.

From DVD to digital upload, we can deliver your film in the perfect format for your needs. From 16mm - 35mm Film, HD, 2k and 4K we cater to your needs not what
we have.

Film Injecteds award-winning post-production team of creative directors, editors, designers, animators,compositors, VFX supervisors, music composers,and
audio engineers, deliver a full complement of post production services, including Final Cut Pro, Avi. 3D Animation,Compositing, After Effects, Cinema 4D, MAYA,
color correction, music scoring, and streaming video.

In an era where the cutting edge of technology is constantly being redefined, be it stereoscopic 3D, or an HD audio mix, Film Injected is committed to staying
at the forefront of everything that is possible ,technically and creatively. Need a TV spot, a web video, or a corporate video? Looking for a movie trailer, a broadcast promo, or a music video? Give us a call.






Film Injected has a global team of shooters and directors who can come to any location and organise a professional film shoot. To ensure everyone is on the same page all of the details are available online for you and your crew to access and discuss at anytime. Our production manager will liaise with you and your team ahead of the shoot and organise for the crew to be at the location you select, at the right time, with all of the necessary equipment.

Your dedicated editor will comb through the footage and creatively produce a complete video. They will look after the music, graphics, on screen text and any other elements included in your video plan. Our production manager will oversee this process and ensure that it is produced to a high standard and is completely inline with your brief.

Our service allows you to review your video and provide feedback online, enabling seamless collaboration with colleagues and the production team. The editor will upload the draft video to your project where you and the others involved can view it. Feedback is posted online for the editor who will then make the changes quickly and post the new video for review.








So...many people watch the "making of" of movies on DVD's and think it would be so much fun making a movie or music video, well it can be sometimes. Most television commercials involve us being on location at 2am. Music videos are no exception, on average your there from 2am till 12am. We need to have sets ready, deal with the grip truck, make up artists, talent, do quick test shots, re-arrange shots with the director deal with technical issues and the list goes on and on.

But it also can be fun. I have been on so many shoots that just about everyone of them have been fun. It beats any other job I can think of, except being the host of TOP GEAR. Every job is always educational and you always learn something new. You can never say you know everything about doing video production. You will always be faced with a problem and will always need to come up with solutions fast.

Music videos require audio playback so many times it can almost get unbearable. Feature films can be almost the same, actors need to get their lines right, horror films can take up to hours to re shoot a 5sec scene, as the make up team needs to take time to re do the blood and guts. "LIVE" events you must always be sharp as you only get one take.

One of my favorite things is documentaries. You can often learn some of the most interesting things in life, from people, places and hear some of the most incredible stories. There is no real repetitive-nous in this job.

Check back often. we will keep updating this page with some cool pics and stories.


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